Vendor Policy

  1. All courier charges will be paid by the vendor including charges on return and replacement of products.
  2. If there is a return/refund you are liable to replace/return that product or products to the customer. If you fail to do so for two times your vendor account will be disabled for “YOC”.
  3. All payments for sale against last month will be made on the 20th of the next month Note: For authorized person in vendor system take CNIC NO, residence address, phone no: first name, last name, DOB, fathers name, business address, photo of chq
  4. All government duties/taxes are to be paid by the vendor.
  5. Vendor payout will be in the form of bank or cash.
  6. All commissions are applicable according to the commission chart.
  7. “YOC” reserves the right to terminate the vendor without any prior notification or “explanation
  8. “YOC” is not liable to update the vendor for any policy changes
  9. Vendor will have 5 working days to deliver the product/products. Failing to do so will result in termination of vendor account .
  10. If a vendor does not want to stay on the “YOC” platform he/she will have to complete all backlog orders/returns or refunds and will also have to inform “YOC” about leaving the platform through email. Failing to do so will result in the freezing of the next payout until all accounts/orders are clear..
  11. Any dispute or claims shall be entertained within 30 days of disputed date otherwise no dispute or claims will be applicable.